Anthony Palandro

The forgotten gift — 3

The physical gifts we give and receive can be pleasing or disappointing. But no matter what they are, Pastor Anthony shares, they are temporary. The best, and most important gift we can receive, is salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Songs we sang in worship are on this YouTube playlist.

Here’s “‘Twas the Night After Shopping”, the dramatic presentation written by our own John C. Moyer:

’Twas the night before Christmas and no one was napping.
We were all overwhelmed with our holiday wrapping.
The stockings were buried under ribbons and bows.
Would we finish wrapping in time? Only God knows.

The children stacked boxes both this way and that.
At one point, our mom bubble-wrapped the cat.
While Dad with his tape gun secured things with ease,
the piles grew higher under the tree.

“We need more gifts!” Dad cried, “We need more stuff!”
“Surely,” says Mom, “isn’t this stuff enough?
“You shopped all the sales. You shopped late. You shopped early.”
“Never enough!” Dad said, “And don’t call me Shirley.”

“You’re addicted to shopping,” Mom says, disappointed.
“Not addicted,” says he, “I’m shopping anointed!
“Now, go get the car and we’ll make one more round.
“There must be toys left at the new mall in town.

“There’s no more time,” Mom says, “Shops are shutting their doors!”
“That’s just the first closing. There will be two or three more!”

When outside the house, a truck stopped with a squeal
Mom ran to the window shouting, “Hey! What’s the deal?”
The driver grunted and groaned, not moving so quick.
It was our UPS favorite, good old St. Nick.

No longer jolly, St. Nick looked haggard and sore
as he exited his truck with boxes galore.
“So many deliveries,” he said, “for so late in the game.”
He threw all the boxes, calling each one by name:

“Here’s Macy’s and Amazon! And more from that place!
“Sears, Walmart, Home Depot and hardware from Ace!
“I could build you a tower, way up to the sky!
“What is all this mess?” he asked. “How much did you buy?”

“I’ve got fifteen more boxes—It’s never ending!
“Did you give any thought to the message you’re sending?”
Dad says, “I bought cards showing a church and a steeple!
“And lots of good stuff for my favorite people.

“I bought new sneakers for Kevin and a new bass for Dan;
“Six different horns for Bob because he is the man;
“Table cloths for Connie, a jigsaw puzzle for Rick;
“There’s a whole bunch of gift cards—please take your pick.

“There’s a couch for Scott, Uber Eats for the new guy,
“A laptop for Jill and a scooter for old Guy;
“New lights for the kids’ room, if they didn’t break;
“Plane tickets to Italy? That must be a mistake.”

At this point, Nick moves to the wall of presents and dismantles it.

“You’ve got it all wrong!” says Nick. “The real gift is love
“Sent as a baby from our Father above.
“It’s not about stuff and going into debt.
“We celebrate Jesus! We must never forget!”

“It’s not all these presents that we should be craving.
“His presence is priceless and His grace is lifesaving.
“Share Jesus’ love,” he said, “With whomever you meet.”
And he sang “Silent Night” as he drove down the street.