Uncommon adventures of common people – Pt 10

This message on the uncommon adventures of common people in the Book of Acts focuses on Saul’s conversion. Saul started out persecuting The Way and trying to stamp it out, but ended up writing most of the New Testament. How did that happen? Because he recognized authority and was not afraid to obey, God did amazing things in his life. Message delivered 12/13/09

Uncommon adventures – Pt 9

Was the ministry of Steven a success? He preached, got dragged into court, and was stoned to death. But his life showed how it’s not up to us to decide in everything what is success and what isn’t. It’s up to us to get to know God, to hang on, to follow after him, to be obedient to him in every situation and to love each. Then, whatever happens … happens. Quit looking at things having to be what you want them to be for you to be happy about your life. Message delivered 12/06/09.