Jesus through the eyes of John: Why unity is vital

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Pastor John concludes his teaching series on Jesus through the eyes of John by discussing the need we have for one another. We need to recognize God’s call on our lives and that it is a dynamic of being in a body, not an island. Message delivered 11/16/15.

Understanding our authority in Jesus

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What is the power in the name of Jesus? It’s not some kind of magic word. Pastor John says that it speaks to his character. Using Jesus’ name speaks to having a relationship to the power who created the world. So “in the name of Jesus” isn’t an opportunity for us to keep things the way we want them. It’s us walking in the will and presence of our heavenly father. Message delivered 11/9/14

Jesus through the eyes of John: Two key words

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When you look at your normal life, sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged with all the challenges that you face. We would rather that God direct us and guide us away from and around and not near thos challenges. But he takes us through them. There are two words, Pastor John says, that are key to having that work out well. He shares them in this message delivered 10/26/14.

Songs of worship for the morning were:

Hosanna (Praise is Rising) by Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown

Blessed be Your Name by Matt and Beth Redman

Mighty to Save by Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding

Cornerstone by Edward Mote, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan, Eric Liljero and William Batchelder Bradbury

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by John Newton, Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio


Dreams and calling

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God has a calling on each one of our lives, Pastor John says. But if we limit ourselves to what we know and have experienced, we will never grow. Our experience is what was, not what can be. God has given us what we need, and more, to live out our calling. Message delivered 10/19/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: The Holy Spirit

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The work of the Holy Spirit, Pastor John teaches in this installment of his series on the Book of John, is to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. Go loves us, but we don’t experience the depth of that love until we love him. On our own, we just don’t get it. God wants us to love him because in that there is such deeper connection. And that’s where we see his character. Message delivered 9/21/14.

Worship songs for the morning included:

This is Amazing Love by Phil Wickham

Carry Me to the Cross by Nick De Partee, Jason Walker and Mark Stuart

Forever Reign by One Sonic Society

Cornerstone by Hillsong

and You Remain by our own Ona and John Farrell (Sorry … no recording available).

Jesus through the eyes of John: Surrender

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The ministry of the Holy Spirit is in us to come out of us, so we can be living testimonies to the world around us. He puts us in a position to begin to walk out what we are called for, if and when we surrender to his truth. Message delivered 9/14/15.

Jesus through the eyes of John: Holy Spirit 101

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In his examination of the Gospel of John, Pastor John branches into a study of the Holy Spirit.  Basically, we have received God’s spirit, not the world’s spirit, so we can know the wonderful things that God has freely given us.  Message delivered 9/7/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: The mind of Christ

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Serving God is not easy but it’s simple, Pastor John says. When we move from simple it gets complicated and confusing because we are unwilling to trust and do things Jesus’ way because His way takes us places we don’t think we want to go.  Message delivered 8/31/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: I am the way

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Eyes of John Series

In John 14, the apostle quotes Jesus saying, “I am the way…” Pastor John explains how the “way” is not an earthly location, ritual or set of rules, but is a place of relationship and action. Also, Johanna Phelan, a Children’s Hospital physician, shared a testimony about how Christ’s love was able to shine through her at work. Message delivered 8/24/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: God’s flow

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Moving in the flow of the Spirit of God isn’t like tubing down the Delaware, where we have nothing to do with where the current takes us. But we can’t just stand on the banks of the river, never getting deeper than our knees and keeping complete control. Instead, we can hear from the Lord and he will lead us in the flow. It’s his flow, and we are to do things his way. Message delivered 8/10/14