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Crusty frying pans and dealing with the heat of life

Wendy McDermott shared this word on Sunday (10/4) given her the previous week:


You might not know what this is, but Iíll bet your mom does.† Itís a cast iron frying pan.

See how black this pan is?† That tells you that itís a good one. Itís well-seasoned, and the food doesnít stick.† When this pan was new, it wasnít black like this.† It was kind of a silvery gray and shiny.

We are like a cast iron pan. †When we get born again, we’re all shiny and new and clean.

But our ability to function as we were designed to needs to develop.

If we add high heat to the shiny pan without any oil, we just end up with a hot shiny pan that isn’t very efficient – food still sticks to it.

But if we add the oil of the Holy Spirit, then that heat (the difficulties of life and the attacks of people and the attacks of the enemy) †– that heat transforms us into a well-seasoned black pan that’s maybe a little crusty around the edges, but we develop a non-stick surface.

Now we’re equipped to do our job.

There’s no set pattern for how I get the oil of the Holy Spirit, but generally he comes when I’m hungry for more intimacy with God.

Head knowledge about God is good but we need the experience of being filled on an on-going basis with his spirit, or there’s no life in it.

The in-filling can look different at different times. †We don’t dictate to the Holy Spirit how to manifest himself in us.

This is your birthright as a believer. †God†wants†to pour out his spirit on you so that you become more and more able to function as he wants you to, and you have more fun doing it.

Nothing that the world or the enemy throws at you sticks, and you show the world how wonderful Jesus is as you serve up his love for people no matter how high the heat of the pressures of life is.