John Young

Communication: How to hear from God

We want to hear from God … Well, he has told us to love one another … so that’s something we can do. He’s told us not to judge each other, to share the Gospel, to pray for each other, to pray for the lost to be found and for the sick, and to treat others the way we want be treated. †When we begin to do the things God has asked us to do, he speaks to us in the middle of it. Message delivered 3/22/15.

Here is the list of suggested ways to communicate Christ:


Targets Of Love: Family, Neighbors, Strangers, Co-workers,†Acquaintances, Church Family

  • How can we share Christ and His Word this week?
  • Pray for and Invite!

Target: Family

Sacrifice a few of your hours this week and serve a†family member. Call them up and offer to help them in anyway. Cleaning, organizing, fixing things around the house,†moving furniture, etc. Offer your time for their benefit.

Target: Someone who regularly serves you

Make cookies or a nice treat for your garbage man, mailman or both. When you hand them the gift, let them know how much you appreciate their service.

Target: Stranger

Give something away. Buy coffee, pay for a toll, pay for a lunch, bless financially. As followers of Christ, we have the capability to impact lives with our generosity.

Target: Co-Workers

Identify the unpopular person or a person you donít get along with at work. Take them to lunch, write an encouraging note, give them a gift (Pen, journal, wrench etc) and pay for it. Show an interest in their life.

Target: Neighbor

Shovel a few driveways, rake, cook a meal, make a desert for a busy family, buy pizza, invite to dinner, etc.

Target: Church Family

Write them an encouraging note. Maybe buy a nice gift to go along with it. Build someone up with words of encouragement and affirmation. Remind them of who they are in Christ.