God’s holy obsession

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Tom Brazell, who left New Covenant in 2008 to become Director of International Ministries at Elim Fellowship, gives a message on missions.  God’s holy obsession, he says, is to reconcile mankind to himself.  If there’s a flaw in his plan, it is that he relies on us followers to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For that to happen throughout the earth, some of us must be goers, and the rest of us must be senders.  This recording also includes his Communion meditation. Message delivered 6/8/14.

The morning’s worship music was:

Sing, Sing, Sing by Chris Tomlin

All Who are Thirsty by Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson

Forever Reign by Reuben Morgan and Jayson Ingram

Grace Like Rain by Chris Tomlin and Todd Andrew

Lord I Need You By Matt Maher

Honor where honor is due

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Tom Brazell, director of international missions for Elim Fellowship and former pastor of New Covenant, discusses the spiritual importance of giving honor where honor is due.  Message delivered 12/9/12.

Destiny to decision

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Is life just a seething cauldron of random possibilities, or is there an answer to why you are here? The good news is that a number of Bible scriptures say you have a destiny!  Tom Brazell, former pastor of N3C and now Director of Missions for Elim Fellowship, shares his perspective on finding your destiny, on the deceptions and distractions that can keep you from achieving it, and the need for making a decision to follow it.  Message delivered 2/27/2011.

Eight important things God said

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In Moses’ encounter with God in Exodus 3, the Lord said eight things crucial to Moses then and to the church today.   Former pastor Tom Brazell then follows up on that lesson with observations on why, if we know God’s will, we don’t do it.  Delivered 5/31/2009.