Kingdom Character – Pt. 1

The qualities expressed in the “blessed are” verses of the Beatitudes are spiritual and not social: Jesus said this kingdom we are part of is not of this world, and the qualities and the character reflected can only be obtained through relationship. Pastor John Young says in this first of a series on the Beatitudes that, if we think we can live for God outside of anything but by getting to know him, spending time with him, reading the word, we’re mistaken. Our chance to make a difference in this community we live in or in the world is not going to come because of any great program we create. It’s only going to come from what we do that takes people to a deep relationship with their God. Message delivered 3/8/09.

Vision for N3C – Part 3

In the conclusion on his message series on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, Pastor John Young observes that it’s easy for us to base our lives on what we feel and see rather than on the objective truth of God’s word. For that reason, a big part of our vision for the church is going to be the processes that we go through that keep us looking at truth and put us in a position to reveal our hearts against the Truth. Message delivered 3/1/2009.

God’s course corrections

Rob Michaels, executive director of Global Tribe, shares how God, similar to a GPS, connects to our spirits through the Holy Spirit to send us navigational information and course corrections to get us to our ultimate destinations. He also shares about the ministry of Global Tribe and its Reach events in a message delivered 2/22/2009. Click here for a slideshow of the Reach 2008 event held in Tucson (it’s big … 80 megabytes … and requires Quicktime to view), done to The Newsboys latest single “In the Hands of God”.

Vision for N3C Part 2

In this portion of his message on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, Pastor John Young discusses spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. We need to become more spiritually mature, accurately understanding ourselves by learning who God is and what he does for us. Emotions are good but need to be brought under God’s authority. To accurately apply scripture (which is God-breathed), it must be taught and learned in the intellectual realm. Message delivered 2/15/2009.

Vision for N3C Part 1

A large part of our Christian lives can be spent doing the things that we think we’re supposed to without grasping exactly why. Instead, we want to be doing things because we have embraced the reality of who Christ is in us. Pastor John Young begins a multi-message series on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, beginning with the philosophical aspect of what we’re going to be doing and why we’re going to be doing it. Message delivered 2/8/2009.

Process of a champion: Facing risk

David’s encounter with Goliath was a huge risk, yet he jumped right into. The reality was that David knew who God was which led him to understand who he was and what God could do through him. God prepared David to take the risk situationally and emotionally.Message delivered 2/1/2009.

Standing in God’s presence

Many of the songs we as Christians sing in worship speak of a desire for God to visit us. John Megaw, in his final sermon of his tenure as transitional pastor, walks us through part of the Book of Revelation to show that its when we come before God that our lives are changed. Message delivered 1/25/2009.

God has a purpose for you

King Josiah in 2 Kings, chapters 22 and 23, is a textbook example of how God has a purpose and plan for each of us. Message by Pastor John A. Megaw, delivered 1/18/2009.

Your year of new creation

New beginnings require us to leave old baggage behind. God creates new things, and he’s always leading us into something new. He never leads us into something old. Message, by Pastor John A. Megaw, delivered 1/11/2009.