Puerto Rico mission report

Members of the N3C mission to Puerto Rico share their experiences from their week of working with Hunger Corp in its efforts to restore a community devastated in November 2017 by Hurricane Maria. Team members were Mike, Mary, Mikey, Joey and Jacob Garrett; David, Caleb and Sam Messenger; Rick Schwein; Terry Schaeffer and his daughter-in-law Carlene; Adi Perez; Joanna and Ally Short; and Byron Jones.

The following two slide shows were shown during the presentation:

Opening slide show

Closing slide show

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The Word 4

Much of the modern world regards the creation account of Genesis as, at best, a myth, and consigns anyone who believes in a “young earth” to the ranks of the ignorant. However, Pastor John shares a number of quotations from Nobel Prize-winning and other highly regarded scientists who testify that we live in a universe created by God. Message delivered 8/12/18.

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