Living Your Sole Purpose

Do your shoes fit? What designer shoes are you wearing? Asst. Pastor Amy Minnich delivers a “pair”ody of how to Live Your Sole Purpose and find your perfect fit through the illustration of shoes. Messaged delivered 5/13/12.

Choosing Life, Not Death

The book of Acts tells how, when Stephen was stoned to death, Saul looked on and gave his approval. Assistant Pastor Amy Minnich shares about life and death, about our words, and about our actions. Message delivered 3/18/12.

The Gift of Love

Christmas is a time to celebrate the greatest gift, the gift of love through Jesus. Assistant Pastor, Amy Minnich, reminds us of three simple words “God is love.” She shares the characteristics of God’s love and how immeasurable and incomprehensible it is. Be encouraged through this message that God loves you, just because you’re YOU.

Rescue Mission

The word “rescue” has been on the heart and mind of Assistant Pastor Amy Minnich lately, so she uses two clips from the movie Titanic to illustrate both how some people are spiritually drowning and some principles we need to keep in mind when we see others who are “drowning”. Message delivered 11/6/11.

How NOT to be a Missionary

God accomplished mighty things through Jonah … but Jonah didn’t always have the right heart or attitude.God isalways concerned about LOST people and uses us in and our weaknesses to share His message of hope. Since we all are called to be missionaries, Assistant pastor Amy Minnich examines the book of Jonah to learn from what he did right and wrong.Message delivered 7/24/2011.

A Godly Response to Suffering

Assistant Pastor Amy Minnich examines the four causes of suffering and how to respond to them in a Godly way. Ultimately, she says, we can’t control suffering, but we certainly cancontrol our responseto it. Godwantsto comfort us, not make us comfortable. Message delivered 6/12/11.

Lessons from Gideon

Amy, N3C’s Associate/Youth Pastor, shares with us some very important lessons from the life of Gideon(Judges 6, 7, 8). She talks about 7 things that hinder us from fulfilling God’s call for our lives: Idealism, Identity, Insecurity, Independent Spirits, Isolation, Investment and Idolatry.

The Aroma of Christ

What is your spiritual smell? When people come around you, do they detect the stench of death? Or the aroma of Christ?

Turning Your “Holly Daze” into a “Holy Gaze”

Why do we tend to make everything so complex and overcomplicated when Jesus came into this world in a simple way to share with us a simple faith so that we can live simple lives?The key to fitting everything important into your life isliving out Matthew 6:33, only by seeking God and putting Him first. Message delivered by Assistant Pastor, Amy Minnich. 12/26/10.

Faith to Believe the Impossible

God wants to do the impossible in our lives because He is a miracle-working God! The key to moving forward beyond mediocrity is to increase our faith. Amy shares some insight on how we can move into the next arena of faith and encourages us with people from the Bible who have gone before us in this faith journey. Faith will launch us into the impossible!