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Several members of the N3C family (Kathy Bonstead, Jen and Rob McMahon, and Megan McKeever) share testimonies of God’s work in their lives. Shared 7/21/19.

Little faith

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Pastor Vernon Nyangulu shares how a number of Bible passages talk about having “little faith.” The manifestation of little faith, he says, is fear. But scripture commands us “fear not” 366 times … so each day of the year we are reminded to trust God, not to fear, when we face worrisome situations. Message delivered 6/23/19.

Farewell to the Zirbels

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All good things must end, the saying goes, and for N3C on June 2 it was Zach and Natasha Zirbel saying goodbye after eight years of being part of our family. They announced a month before that they were moving to Montana to be near Natasha’s family.

Before they got a chance, in Pastor John’s words, to “explain themselves,” there was a word of prophecy given by Wendy McDermott and then some sharing about the recently completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course which was led by Amy Minnich.

The portion dedicated Zach and Natasha began with a video slideshow which is not part of this podcast because it was too large to upload, and ended with several testimonies by fellowship members. The testimonies are not part of this podcast either because they were not picked up by the microphone.

Worship was led by John Farrell and here’s a YouTube playlist of the songs he chose.

Lord, I’m coming

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Several youth members of the N3C family shared, can Pastor Zach and his wife Natasha talked about having the Lord in their lives. Shared 1/13/19.

Most of the members of the worship team were youth as well, leading the songs in this YouTube playlist. The last song in the list, Surrender, is the one Pastor Zach mentions in his introductory and concluding remarks.

Going back to school as God’s unique person

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Natasha and Zach Zirbel share the pulpit on the Sunday before school openswith encouraging reminders that each one of us is totally unique — nobody in the history of the world or in time to come was or will be exactly like us — so we should make every day matter. The things that we are passionate about and give us joy are some of the things God has put in us to have an impact on others. That gives God glory, and we get to share in it.

Here is a YouTube playlist link to the four songs we sang in worship: Overcome, Still, Here in Your Presence and At the Cross.