Walking in God’s abundant life

Kevin Harvey shares how God promises us his abundant life, with purpose and things to do. But the real beauty of a life, he says, comes when we simply sit at his feet, because we were created, ultimately, to be in fellowship with God. Message delivered 6/11/17.


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Joy in the journey

Did you ever struggle with having JOY in the journey? This message will challenge your beliefs about what joy is and how you can get it. Joy doesn’t come from external things but only by being in God’s presence. And yes, it’s possible to go through trials and tribulations, while experiencing joy in the journey!!  Amy Minnich explains … Message delivered 6/4/17.


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Plan “A” all the way

Amy Minnich helps us to see the difference between living Plan A (God’s Way) and Plan B (Living our own way). She compares living a life of legalism with life in the Spirit. Her message encourages us to not just be Christians, but true Christ-followers. Plan A is living life in constant pursuit of Jesus and receiving everything He has for us, which allows us to live in freedom and experience the abundant life.


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Saying “Yes” to God

Kevin Harvey looks at Luke 5 talking about when we say “Yes, Lord.”  How are we responding to God when He speaks to us? (Message delivered 5/7/17.)

Peter and the disciples tried in their own strength to provide for themselves—in this case, to catch fish.  God always has His own agenda for our lives-even in the mundane things we do each day.  The real test of our faith comes when everything we’ve tried fails and God tells us to do something in order to stretch our faith limits.

In the message, Kevin presses three points:

  1. God uses the common to do the uncommon.
  2. He desires to move us out of the security of the shallow to the risks of the deep.
  3. He will involve you in one thing to teach you another.


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Life-changing encounter

Amy Minnich shares her heart on how lives are changed when they encounter the reality of Jesus Christ. Message delivered 4/23/17.


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Nurturing your faith

Kevin Harvey shares that Christians’ spiritual life can be categorized in one of three ways:

  1. Quitting
  2. Camping out
  3. Climbing

He shares encouragement and principles to press into the “climbing” category.  Delivered 4/9/17

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Intersect: The reality of judgment

Pastor John Young explores the subject of divine judgment in the 10th chapter of Hebrews. Message delivered 9/18/16.

A the end of the service, Amy Minnich shared a word the Lord had put on her heart based on Jesus’ parable about old and new wine skins.

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Going back to school as God’s unique person

Natasha and Zach Zirbel share the pulpit on the Sunday before school opens with encouraging reminders that each one of us is totally unique — nobody in the history of the world or in time to come was or will be exactly like us — so we should make every day matter.  The things that we are passionate about and give us joy are some of the things God has put in us to have an impact on others.  That gives God glory, and we get to share in it.

Here is a YouTube playlist link to the four songs we sang in worship: Overcome, Still, Here in Your Presence and At the Cross.

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Colombia report


The N3C members who spent a week on a missions trip in Medellin, Colombia, working with Saturacolombia report some of the blessings and joys of their trip. Shared 7/24/16.

Early in the podcast, Pastor John Young makes reference to a video he put together with highlights of the trip. That can be viewed at this link.

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Who are the 2016 Champions of Faith?

Chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews is the parade of Champions of the Faith. But if the chapter were rewritten today, who would it name? Kevin Harvey says that back in the day God used who he had available. He didn’t have much to work with then, and He may not seem to have much to work with today, but if we’ll step out in faith, He will use us ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Message delivered 4/3/16.

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