Seize the day

Kevin Harvey speaks to encourage us as we move into the 2020 decade to look at our faith in bite-sized pieces. Sometimes our problems and the business of life can get overwhelming. But he shares with the hope the Lord is going to encourage us today to look at each day as an opportunity to walk with him.

He highlights three steps to doing that: Stay connected to the vine, stay humble and thankful, and keep saying “yes” to Jesus each day.

Before getting into the message, Kevin took time to playfully poke fun at Pastor John Young by showing this picture of “Ralphie” Young …

After Kevin’s message, Amy Minnich shares a word of encouragement and prayer for those who have been feeling disconnected.

Worship music for the morning is on this YouTube playlist.

FCA Sunday

Justin Hellyer
Ryan Campbell

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was the focus of Sunday’s (3/31) worship service. It opened with several members of the N3C youth group, all in FCA huddles at their respective schools, demonstrated a typical huddle meeting of a game, Bible study and prayer time. Then Associate Pastor Zach Zirbel, who also is Camden County coordinator for FCA shared about his role. There was an informational video ( and then testimonies by Ryan Campbell (a senior at Rowan University), Justin Hellyer (Gloucester County FCA coordinator) and then an evangelistic message from Kevin Harvey, FCA director for South Jersey and an elder at N3C.

The songs of worship we sang are on this YouTube playlist.