What is power?

When Christians think about supernatural power, there’s a tendency to view it in terms of mighty works like miraculous healings or raising the dead.  But as Kevin Harvey takes the pulpit, he shares his understanding about what might be a more important kind of power in our lives: power for growth, our character, our Christ-likeness being evident to other people. Message delivered 10/22/17.

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Walking in God’s abundant life

Kevin Harvey shares how God promises us his abundant life, with purpose and things to do. But the real beauty of a life, he says, comes when we simply sit at his feet, because we were created, ultimately, to be in fellowship with God. Message delivered 6/11/17.

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Saying “Yes” to God

Kevin Harvey looks at Luke 5 talking about when we say Yes, Lord. How are we responding to God when He speaks to us? (Message delivered 5/7/17.)

Peter and the disciples tried in their own strength to provide for themselvesin this case, to catch fish. God always has His own agenda for our lives-even in the mundane things we do each day. The real test of our faith comes when everything weve tried fails and God tells us to do something in order to stretch our faith limits.

In the message, Kevin presses three points:

  1. God uses the common to do the uncommon.
  2. He desires to move us out of the security of the shallow to the risks of the deep.
  3. He will involve you in one thing to teach you another.
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Nurturing your faith

Kevin Harvey shares that Christians’ spiritual life can be categorized in one of three ways:

  1. Quitting
  2. Camping out
  3. Climbing

He shares encouragement and principles to press into the “climbing” category. Delivered 4/9/17

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Who are the 2016 Champions of Faith?

Chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews is the parade of Champions of the Faith. But if the chapter were rewritten today, who would it name? Kevin Harvey says that back in the day God used who he had available. He didn’t have much to work with then, and He may not seem to have much to work with today, but if we’ll step out in faith, He will use us ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Message delivered 4/3/16.

Give up, give in, give out

Kevin Harvey, N3C elder and regional director of South Jersey Fellowship of Christian Athletes, delivered the message. His topic: Give In, Give Out, Give Up. Give up is learning what it means to surrender our will to God on a daily basis (Galatians 2:20). Give in is giving into the calling God has placed over your life (2 Peter 1:3, Ephesians 4:1-3). Give out is the priilege of serving the Lord, being a blessing to others, and allowing His life to flow through us. Message delivered 11/29/15.

These are the songs we sang in worship.

Four R’s for a new life

Kevin Harvey, N3C elder and South Jersey regional director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shares four simple R’s for a new life: Recognize we are sinners, Realize what Jesus did on the cross and personalize it, Repent (turn) from sin and Receive God, giving him ownership and control of your life. Message delivered 11/2/14.

Are we ready?

Kevin Harvey, South Jersey regional director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, asks if we are ready:Engaged in the battle? Staying engaged with the Lord on a daily basis to beable to be led by his spirit? Helping others to be engaged, encouraging them to really. Message delivered 9/28/14.

Bearers of hope

Kevin Harvey, church member and elder and South Jersey regional director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shares from John 15:16, where Jesus said, “You did not choose me, but I chose you.” One of the things he has chosen us for is to bring hope to people. Message delivered 8/3/14.