Rest into Prayer — 3

When Jesus taught about prayer in the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor John says, it was not an example of “if you’ll say these words in just the right way you’ll get what you want.” Rather, it was an example of “this is the heart I want you to have, this is how I want you to see who your father is.” If you go into prayer in private and learn that the power in your life is out of a secret relationship with God, that’s the one where the reality of who you really are is expressed. Message delivered 1/29/17.


Rest into Prayer — 2

Continuing his teaching series on prayer, Pastor John Young notesthat in our faith lives, there are many things God wants us to do with people. But when it comes to the heart of prayer, he said, Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that God wants us to go to a place where nobody else is, shut the door behind us, and pray in private. That is because our relationship with God is not about what other people see, but it’s about what God knows is in our hearts. Message delivered 1/22/17.


Our central purpose, plus testimonies to God’s goodness

Pastor John reiterates our church purpose: To experience Christ through community, through service, and through love. At the end of his message there was a video, “This is Discipleship”, which can be seen from the link below.

After the video there are several testimonies about what God has done in the lives of some church members: Amy Minnich, Guy Boyer, Addie Guzman and Steve Adams and Julie Rashkin, plus a word from the Lordthrough Wendy McDermott.

Here is the video shown during the service.

The Why’s Men — Part 1

Christmas as we celebrate it today in America is so bound up in traditions that we rarely notice how startling it really was. Pastor John Young asks and attempts to answer some deep questions about Christmas. For example, “Why did Christmas happen?” and “Why was Jesus born?” Message delivered 12/4/2016.

At about minute 24, a technical problem garbles the recording.

Here is a YouTube playlist of the songs we sang in worship.

Super hero Sunday

On the Sunday of the weekend when children across the nation dress up as monsters, princesses and super heroes, Pastor John donned tights and a mask to reveal his secret alter ego of Super Duper Hero Man. He then proceeded to explain how the greatest super hero of all time is Jesus.

Also during the service, Pastor Zach shared his life story and related how Jesus had brought him from darkness into the light.

Messages delivered 10/30/16.

Intersect: Walking by faith, continued

In this segment of Pastor John Young’s series from the book of Hebrews (Intersect:Where the invisible God meets our visible lives), he drills into the issue of how living in faith requires understanding that we are part of a bigger picture. No only are we not the center of that picture, but also we can’t see it all. Message delivered 10/16/16.

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