Together to get there — 5

Romans chapter 12 lays out the importance of seeing yourself and others from the right perspective. We all have different gifts and talents that are given for us to help each other. Paul actually states that we belong to each other. Thinking God’s way helps us see the truth in our need fro one another, and He helps us deal with our fears of being honest. God is good and is working to bring us together as we surrender to His plan. Message delivered 7/30/17.

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Together to get there — 4

For us, the church, to remain together in daily demonstrations of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control, it’s essential to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Those character attributes are the fruit of the Holy Spirit and we cannot have them otherwise. Message delivered 7/23/17.

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Together to get there — 3

The Fruit of the Spirit is directly related to how we walk with one another. Each aspect of the fruit is to help us relate to one another and love each other the same way Christ loves us. Message delivered 7/16/17.

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Together to get there – 2

Why is it important for us, the Church, to spend time together? Pastor John says that whether it is for service, for worship, or just hanging out, we need to be together because God designed us that way. Message delivered 7/9/17.

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Together to get there

Pastor John, on his first Sunday back from a three-month sabbatical leave, shared some of his experiences his family had during their seven weeks in Italy, but mostly began to lay the foundation for a teaching emphasis he is calling “Together to get there” … the importance of our being together as a church in fellowship as well as in service. Message delivered 7/2/17.

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Life Stories, the series

In this teaching series, Pastor John Young examines “Life Stories” … exploring different aspects of the lives of people in scripture and here at N3C, things different ones of us have been through, highlighting how God has worked.

Introduction, delivered 2/12/17

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Part 2, looking at the life of Saul, a Pharisee by birth and training, persecuted Christians to their deaths, and then met Jesus on the road to Damascus. Delivered 2/19/17.

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Part 3, the testimonies of church members Dan and Patti Lloret, who faced what looked like a hopeless situation when Dan fell from a scaffold while working on the church building and was comatose for six weeks. But Scripture says, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” and they came through the crisis in victory. Delivered 2/26/17.

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Part 4, Elkanah, a barren wife in Old Testament times, threw herself on the mercy of God and asked for a son.  In due time, she gave birth to the baby who would become the prophet Samuel. Delivered 3/5/17.

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Part 5, The life of Samuel, reared in the Temple but under much less than ideal conditions, became the greatest prophet in Israel. Delivered 3/12/17

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Part 6, Pastor John concludes the series on Life Stories with the testimonies of two people who underwent trauma, but God infused life into both of their stories. Shared 3/26/17

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Rest into Prayer — 3

When Jesus taught about prayer in the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor John says, it was not an example of “if you’ll say these words in just the right way you’ll get what you want.” Rather, it was an example of “this is the heart I want you to have, this is how I want you to see who your father is.” If you go into prayer in private and learn that the power in your life is out of a secret relationship with God, that’s the one where the reality of who you really are is expressed. Message delivered 1/29/17.


Rest into Prayer — 2

Continuing his teaching series on prayer, Pastor John Young notes that in our faith lives, there are many things God wants us to do with people. But when it comes to the heart of prayer, he said, Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that God wants us to go to a place where nobody else is, shut the door behind us, and pray in private. That is because our relationship with God is not about what other people see, but it’s about what God knows is in our hearts. Message delivered 1/22/17.


Our central purpose, plus testimonies to God’s goodness

Pastor John reiterates our church purpose: To experience Christ through community, through service, and through love.  At the end of his message there was a video, “This is Discipleship”, which can be seen from the link below.

After the video there are several testimonies about what God has done in the lives of some church members: Amy Minnich, Guy Boyer, Addie Guzman and Steve Adams and Julie Rashkin, plus a word from the Lord through Wendy McDermott.

Here is the video shown during the service.