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A part of God’s plan is that he prunes us, purposefully, in different seasons so that we can become fruitful. We misunderstand pruning as punishment, that we’ve done something wrong to deserve it. But it’s the pruning that prepares us for things he wants to do in us. Message delivered 5/19/19

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Listen here to the music we worshipped.

Footsteps to the Cross

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Pastor John traces the final journey of Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem where he was crucified. The events recorded in the Gospels of the last few weeks of his life and ministry each teach lessons about who Jesus was, who God is, and what life in Him makes possible for us.

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You can listen on YouTube to the songs we sang in worship.

Making disciples

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Pastor John returns to the topic vital to the life of our church … making disciples. It’s not getting people to come to church with us, or making them follow rules. It is teaching others, by example, to love and obey Jesus. During the service, two members (Angie Visconti and Patti Lloret) share their experiences since beginning to study the principles of The Timothy Initiative. Message delivered 3/10/19.

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Our worship music for the morning are on this YouTube playlist.

Healthy boundaries

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A three-member panel (Pastor John Young, Amy Minnich and Charlie Boyer) share their perspectives on the importance of scripturally based personal boundaries. They touch on three key aspects in particular:

  • We are responsible for setting our boundaries … nobody can do it for us.
  • We have to establish them with the right motives for boundaries to be helpful to ourselves and to others.
  • We have to protect our boundaries (while continuing to love those who won’t respect them).
Amy, Pastor John and Charlie share about boundaries.

Here are Pastor John’s notes for the Boundaries session:


This is a YouTube playlist of the songs we sang in worship.

Service appreciation Sunday

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Each year, the N3C leadership sets aside a Sunday to recognize and honor those in the family who have served as the hands, feet, ears and mouths of the Lord.

During the service each of the more than 100 individuals where recognized by name for their service to the body.

Special recognition was given to John Moyer and Mark and Nancy Wilbur.

Highlights of the year’s activities.
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