Literacy and the heart of God

Two guest speakers from One Mission Society shared Sunday, Nov. 23.

Dean Davis, international director of Every Community for Christ, whose ministry N3C has been supporting for about 20 years, shared how church multiplication efforts aim to empower ordinary people around the world to do extraordinary things, and teaching literacy is an important part of that.

The video that Dean made reference to can be viewed here: What is the Bridge to Reading?

James Kigamwa, who is raising support to become Director of Literacy for OMS, demonstrated through scripture how the ability to read goes beyond being a useful skill in the world: it is commanded in Scripture as essential for godly living.


To really live, R.I.P.

Phil Underwood, of Cornerstone Christian Church in Broomall, PA, shares about R.I.P. — God has redeemed us, he is Intentional about this, and he grants us Partnership in the Gospel. Message delivered 10/5/14.

Freedom is not free

Lt. Col. Brian Scully of the New Jersey Army National Guard was the guest speaker at the annual Freedom Celebration sponsored by N3C, Joy Community and All Souls Church.  Colonel Scully gave his testimony and spoke of the nature of freedom.  He also shared about the urgency of dealing with spiritual and relationship issues now … because we don’t know if we have a tomorrow.  Message delivered 7/6/14.

God’s holy obsession

Tom Brazell, who left New Covenant in 2008 to become Director of International Ministries at Elim Fellowship, gives a message on missions.  God’s holy obsession, he says, is to reconcile mankind to himself.  If there’s a flaw in his plan, it is that he relies on us followers to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For that to happen throughout the earth, some of us must be goers, and the rest of us must be senders.  This recording also includes his Communion meditation. Message delivered 6/8/14.

The morning’s worship music was:

Sing, Sing, Sing by Chris Tomlin

All Who are Thirsty by Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson

Forever Reign by Reuben Morgan and Jayson Ingram

Grace Like Rain by Chris Tomlin and Todd Andrew

Lord I Need You By Matt Maher

Embracing your weakness

Jeff Parshall, with the Patmos Worship team of Elim Bible Institute, shares three keys to finding your strength in God through your hardships and weaknesses.  Those three keys are recognizing your need for a savior; recognizing that Jesus Christ is the power, not us; and recognizing that Jesus is the Lord.  Message delivered 5/25/14.

LifeRise AIDS Resources

Cynthia Calla, a physician and missionary, shares about the ministry she founded, LifeRise AIDS Resources, to help fight the disease itself and also the ignorance and prejudice about it that abound. For more information on her mission, connect to her website here.  Message shared 3/16/14.

South Asia missions update

Missionaries David and Marjorie Johnson, whom N3C has supported for many years, give an update on some things God is doing in Asia and how their ministry is changing.  Message delivered 1/5/2014

Testimony of William Green

William Green, a former star player for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns who grew up in Atlantic City, shares his testimony of how big sports money, glamour, fancy cars and hard partying didn’t begin to touch the empty place in his life:  only turning from his selfish, sinful life and putting his life in the hands of Jesus Christ.  Message delivered 11/17/13.

God has a purpose for you

Joe Jansen, US ministries director for Elim Fellowship, shares the encouraging word that God always responds to the cry of human suffering … by calling on people to join him in reaching out. He sends us out to where we live, to touch the people we relate to. You think you’re unqualified? That’s not a problem, because when you go, God will go with you. Message delivered 11/3/13.