Keys to living with courage

Guest speaker Joe Janssen, director of U.S. ministries for Elim Fellowship, teaches about how to live with courage, using the example of Caleb.  The essentials to remember about courage, he said, are:

  • It is the spark plug if faith.
  • Don’t let your past hold your present or your future hostage.
  • Live in an atmosphere of praise.
  • Courageous people change the culture (through service and love). Don’t let the culture change them.
  • Courageous people honor the word of God by how they apply it. Also memorize it to let God’s word change their minds.
  • Never give up.

Message delivered 6/18/17.

Here’s a YouTube play list of the songs we sang in worship.

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The operation of God’s grace

Joe Jansen, U.S. Ministries director for Elim Fellowship, dedicated his message to those who feel like they just never measure up, who just can’t do it right.  He shares the story from John 8 about the woman caught in adultery.  In it, Jesus demonstrates how God positions himself to give us positions of advantage. Message delivered 4/24/16.


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God has a purpose for you

Joe Jansen, US ministries director for Elim Fellowship, shares the encouraging word that God always responds to the cry of human suffering … by calling on people to join him in reaching out. He sends us out to where we live, to touch the people we relate to. You think you’re unqualified? That’s not a problem, because when you go, God will go with you. Message delivered 11/3/13.

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Finding the treasure within

Joe Jansen, director of U.S. Ministries for Elim Bible Fellowship, shares on the importance of finding the treasure that God has created inside each one of us. Message delivered 10/2/2011.

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