God opens doors when we obey

trainingGuest speaker Dean Davis concluded a weekend of introductory training in what Pastor John Young terms Discipleship Life. At it’s most basic, discipleship is living obediently to God’s word, including sharing the Gospel and making disciples. But that isn’t some scripted process to convince or trick others in something: it is presenting the message of Jesus to others and giving them a chance to receive or reject it. A scripture-based way to do that is by finding “persons of peace” as described in Luke 10.

How does that work? Dean says, “God opens doors when we obey.” Message delivered 2/28/16.

Dean is executive director of the Every Community for Christ ministry of One Mission Society.

Literacy and the heart of God

Two guest speakers from One Mission Society shared Sunday, Nov. 23.

Dean Davis, international director of Every Community for Christ, whose ministry N3C has been supporting for about 20 years, shared how church multiplication efforts aim to empower ordinary people around the world to do extraordinary things, and teaching literacy is an important part of that.

The video that Dean made reference to can be viewed here: What is the Bridge to Reading?

James Kigamwa, who is raising support to become Director of Literacy for OMS, demonstrated through scripture how the ability to read goes beyond being a useful skill in the world: it is commanded in Scripture as essential for godly living.