The construction of great faith

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The Bible talks about a number of types of faith, guest speaker Pastor Vernon Nyangulu says: little faith, weak faith, strong faith … and great faith. Teaching from Matthew 5:8 and 15:21, he examines the necessary elements of two examples of what Jesus called “great faith.” Message delivered 3/3/19.

Mark Wilbur led worship with the songs on this YouTube playlist.

Characteristics of a teachable spirit

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Chris Ball, president of Elim Bible Fellowship, shared with the N3C body the idea that if we are to be disciple-makers … people who teach others to follow Jesus … we must ourselves be teachable. So in light of that, he taught on how to recognize if we are UNteachable, and the character indicators of being teachable.

Before he spoke, his wife Carol, who is director of Women’s Ministries for Elim, shared about an upcoming one-day conference sponsored by the HER Movement of EBF.

Before they shared, we sang the songs in this YouTube playlist.

Healthy boundaries

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A three-member panel (Pastor John Young, Amy Minnich and Charlie Boyer) share their perspectives on the importance of scripturally based personal boundaries. They touch on three key aspects in particular:

  • We are responsible for setting our boundaries … nobody can do it for us.
  • We have to establish them with the right motives for boundaries to be helpful to ourselves and to others.
  • We have to protect our boundaries (while continuing to love those who won’t respect them).
Amy, Pastor John and Charlie share about boundaries.

Here are Pastor John’s notes for the Boundaries session:


This is a YouTube playlist of the songs we sang in worship.

Lord, I’m coming

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Several youth members of the N3C family shared, can Pastor Zach and his wife Natasha talked about having the Lord in their lives. Shared 1/13/19.

Most of the members of the worship team were youth as well, leading the songs in this YouTube playlist. The last song in the list, Surrender, is the one Pastor Zach mentions in his introductory and concluding remarks.

3 keys to dealing with “down” times

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Pastor Vernon Nyangulu, who with his family has been part of the N3C family for about a year, takes the pulpit to share his testimony and to teach what Psalm 23 has to say about dealing with “down” times: 1) trust in the Lord (surrender to His will, both in prayer and physically); 2) accept God’s assurance that your hard time is temporary and not permanent; and 3) praise God and declare your victory by faith. Message delivered 11/3/18.

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Disciples who make disciples

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Dr. David Nelms, founder and president of The Timothy Initiative, shares about Jesus’ great commission (“Go to all the world and make disciples…”) and how we can fulfill it.

The recordings here are of his presentation during the N3C worship service Sunday, Oct. 21, and during a workshop at N3C on Oct. 20.

Sunday morning:
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Saturday, Part 1: (The beginnings of Dr. Nelms’ remarks are missing from both parts 1 and 2.)
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Saturday, Part 2:
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Contending for more, and finding peace

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Chris and Carol Ball, the president of Elim Bible Fellowship and his wife, share the pulpit with words of encouragement to contend for more in God’s kingdom, and ways to have faith in Christ to find peace. Messages delivered 2/18/18.

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Seven Commands of Christ

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Pastor John Young begins a teaching series on seven things he commanded his followers to do:

  • Repent and believe
  • Baptize new believers
  • Pray and meditate on God’s word
  • Love God, your neighbor and your enemy
  • Partake of the Lord’s Supper
  • Give joyfully
  • Make disciples for Jesus

In part 1, he focuses on prayer and meditation and admonishes that the Enemy is working hard to distract and discourage us.  The main point of Ephesians 6:17-18 about putting on the full armor of God is to prepare us for the combat of prayer.

Before his message, church member Wendy McDermott shares a word of knowledge about faith.

Wendy’s word:

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Pastor John’s message:

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Sermon notes for the message can be found on