Pastor Vernon Nyangulu shares three things that can distract Jesus’ followers from attending to his word: business, a complaining spirit, and sorrow. Message delivered 7/12/20

When you think God has put you on hold … don’t hang up

Guest speaker Chris Ball, president of Elim Fellowship, expounds on Jeremiah 29, a letter from the prophet to the elders and people of Israel still in captivity in Babylon. He suggests four steps in answering the question, “What do you do, when you feel like your life is on hold?”

  1. Stand and live for Christ. We want God to respond instantly, like a Google queery, but he has a longer timeline.
  2. Use discernment in the midst of many voices.
  3. Embrace the thoughts God has for you … perhaps thoughts only He know.
  4. Seek God with all your heart, seeking him in a way that works for you. Journaling? Quiet contemplation? Taking long walks?

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