Running the race — 4

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Many of us (maybe most of us) are in a place where we need endurance to get through current circumstances, to get to the other side. Pastor John shares how the apostle Paul learned how to be at peace no matter his circumstances. Message shared 11/17/19.

Earlier in the service, Connie Schaeffer shared how, after years of trusting God, she and her husband Terry had been delivered from a mountain of debt.

Here, on this YouTube playlist, are the songs we sang in worship.

Farewell to the Zirbels

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All good things must end, the saying goes, and for N3C on June 2 it was Zach and Natasha Zirbel saying goodbye after eight years of being part of our family. They announced a month before that they were moving to Montana to be near Natasha’s family.

Before they got a chance, in Pastor John’s words, to “explain themselves,” there was a word of prophecy given by Wendy McDermott and then some sharing about the recently completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course which was led by Amy Minnich.

The portion dedicated Zach and Natasha began with a video slideshow which is not part of this podcast because it was too large to upload, and ended with several testimonies by fellowship members. The testimonies are not part of this podcast either because they were not picked up by the microphone.

Worship was led by John Farrell and here’s a YouTube playlist of the songs he chose.

Rest, refreshment and being recharged

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Mark Scorsone, youth ministry director of Elim Bible Fellowship, makes a case for observing a true Sabbath each week. Our culture, he says rewards function over relationships, success over beauty and work over freedom. As a result, we are enslaved by work, distractions and busyness. The Sabbath destroys that cycle. Message delivered 5/5/19.

Worship music for this Youth Sunday service is on this YouTube playlist.

FCA Sunday

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Justin Hellyer
Ryan Campbell

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was the focus of Sunday’s (3/31) worship service. It opened with several members of the N3C youth group, all in FCA huddles at their respective schools, demonstrated a typical huddle meeting of a game, Bible study and prayer time. Then Associate Pastor Zach Zirbel, who also is Camden County coordinator for FCA shared about his role. There was an informational video ( and then testimonies by Ryan Campbell (a senior at Rowan University), Justin Hellyer (Gloucester County FCA coordinator) and then an evangelistic message from Kevin Harvey, FCA director for South Jersey and an elder at N3C.

The songs of worship we sang are on this YouTube playlist.

Build your life

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Pastor Zach Zirbel shares three of the aspects of the life of Daniel that teach how to build a fruitful life in the spirit:

  1. He was intentional about what he did … and did not do
  2. He had a few good friends who had a heart for God
  3. He built his life around God (as a disciple)

Message delivered 3/24/19.

Worship songs for the service are on this YouTube playlist.

The construction of great faith

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The Bible talks about a number of types of faith, guest speaker Pastor Vernon Nyangulu says: little faith, weak faith, strong faith … and great faith. Teaching from Matthew 5:8 and 15:21, he examines the necessary elements of two examples of what Jesus called “great faith.” Message delivered 3/3/19.

Mark Wilbur led worship with the songs on this YouTube playlist.

Characteristics of a teachable spirit

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Chris Ball, president of Elim Bible Fellowship, shared with the N3C body the idea that if we are to be disciple-makers … people who teach others to follow Jesus … we must ourselves be teachable. So in light of that, he taught on how to recognize if we are UNteachable, and the character indicators of being teachable.

Before he spoke, his wife Carol, who is director of Women’s Ministries for Elim, shared about an upcoming one-day conference sponsored by the HER Movement of EBF.

Before they shared, we sang the songs in this YouTube playlist.

Healthy boundaries

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A three-member panel (Pastor John Young, Amy Minnich and Charlie Boyer) share their perspectives on the importance of scripturally based personal boundaries. They touch on three key aspects in particular:

  • We are responsible for setting our boundaries … nobody can do it for us.
  • We have to establish them with the right motives for boundaries to be helpful to ourselves and to others.
  • We have to protect our boundaries (while continuing to love those who won’t respect them).
Amy, Pastor John and Charlie share about boundaries.

Here are Pastor John’s notes for the Boundaries session:


This is a YouTube playlist of the songs we sang in worship.