Contending for more, and finding peace

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Chris and Carol Ball, the president of Elim Bible Fellowship and his wife, share the pulpit with words of encouragement to contend for more in God’s kingdom, and ways to have faith in Christ to find peace. Messages delivered 2/18/18.

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Seven Commands of Christ

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Pastor John Young begins a teaching series on seven things he commanded his followers to do:

  • Repent and believe
  • Baptize new believers
  • Pray and meditate on God’s word
  • Love God, your neighbor and your enemy
  • Partake of the Lord’s Supper
  • Give joyfully
  • Make disciples for Jesus

In part 1, he focuses on prayer and meditation and admonishes that the Enemy is working hard to distract and discourage us.  The main point of Ephesians 6:17-18 about putting on the full armor of God is to prepare us for the combat of prayer.

Before his message, church member Wendy McDermott shares a word of knowledge about faith.

Wendy’s word:

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Pastor John’s message:

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Why you act the way you do

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Dr. Fred Antonelli (more background here) was a senior pastor for 23 years and has been a licensed professional councelor for 21 years. He conducted an all-day seminar at N3C and was guest speaker on sunday, 11/24/17, examining our makeup and why we tend to act out in the way we act out. Sometimes it’s very positive. Other times it’s very negative.

In the first segment, he discussed the types of family rules we have grown up with that shape our behavior.

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The second segment was devoted to family roles, and the necessity of getting to the root issues that cause our behavior.

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After a lunch break, Dr. Fred talked about how many of the prominent people in the Bible were messed up, too! Then he started examining the characteristics of the five recognized temperaments: sanguine, melancholy, choleric, phlegmatic and supine.

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In the final segment, he finished the temperaments.

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Here’s the PowerPoint slideshow he used during his Saturday seminar: Click here. (If you are asked to install some app, just say no … you should be able to view the slides.)

His Sunday message which boiled down to three absolutes: you are never alone, never forgotten, and never without hope.

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Mothers Day

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Dr. Johanna Phelan, a pediatrician who with her husband Ed and children Eduardo and Matteo recently moved from the N3C area to Harrisburg, Pa., shares a word to particularly encourage us to support and help moms of sick children. Message delivered 5/14/17.

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Achieving your potential

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Chris Ball, president of Elim Fellowship (to which N3C is a member), was guest speaker on 3/19/17 and urged the congregation to act on Isaiah 54:2 to remove things from their lives that are preventing God from working through their lives to accomplish His ends. Familiar translations of that verse are similar to the NIV:

Enlarge the place of your tent,
stretch your tent curtains wide,
do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
strengthen your stakes.
In the Message version, that verse is rendered as:
Clear lots of ground for your tents!
Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!
Use plenty of rope,
drive the tent pegs deep.

You’re a Christian? Then you are a priest

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Nick Watson, a pastor and prophetic teacher from Brisbane, Australia, visited the N3C pulpit to encourage the body in their identity as part of a royal priesthood (not just as children of God). ”And do you know what priests do?” he asks. “They offer sacrifices…. If you want your life to count, if you want to be the person that God called you to be, these are seven sacrifices that will help you be a world changer.”

At the end of the message, he leads the congregation in a prayer for healing, with instruction on how to receive healing.

For more information about Nick, you can visit his website,

Here’s a playlist of the songs we sang in worship: “Yours will Be”, “The Lord our God”, “No Longer Slaves” and “Jesus Loves Me”.

Get out of the Boat

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Randy Van Osten was our guest speaker in the absence of Pastor John Young and the other members of the Colombia Mission team. With his wife he owns the Tree House coffee shop in Audubon, and until recently was youth pastor and associate pastor of Oaklyn Baptist Church.

In his message, Randy examined the account in Matthew 14 when Jesus walked on the water. Its lesson, he said, was that if we’re going to accomplish anything significant for Jesus, we have to get out of the boat when he says “come.” Message delivered 7/17/16.

Being an “Acts” church

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Paul Scrimale, who, with his wife Debbie, is plantingthe church “The Haven” in Westampton, NJ, takes the pulpit to share on how to be a Book of Acts church:

Be authentic.Be focused. Intentional. Make this part of your daily prayer: “God, use me today.”Respond to need. When opportunities come, don’t let them pass by.Follow up whenever possible. If God has put them in your world, stay connected.Stay full of the Spirit. Message delivered 11/15/15

Here are the songs we sang in worship.

Crusty frying pans and dealing with the heat of life

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Wendy McDermott shared this word on Sunday (10/4) given her the previous week:


You might not know what this is, but Ill bet your mom does. Its a cast iron frying pan.

See how black this pan is? That tells you that its a good one. Its well-seasoned, and the food doesnt stick. When this pan was new, it wasnt black like this. It was kind of a silvery gray and shiny.

We are like a cast iron pan. When we get born again, we’re all shiny and new and clean.

But our ability to function as we were designed to needs to develop.

If we add high heat to the shiny pan without any oil, we just end up with a hot shiny pan that isn’t very efficient – food still sticks to it.

But if we add the oil of the Holy Spirit, then that heat (the difficulties of life and the attacks of people and the attacks of the enemy) – that heat transforms us into a well-seasoned black pan that’s maybe a little crusty around the edges, but we develop a non-stick surface.

Now we’re equipped to do our job.

There’s no set pattern for how I get the oil of the Holy Spirit, but generally he comes when I’m hungry for more intimacy with God.

Head knowledge about God is good but we need the experience of being filled on an on-going basis with his spirit, or there’s no life in it.

The in-filling can look different at different times. We don’t dictate to the Holy Spirit how to manifest himself in us.

This is your birthright as a believer. Godwantsto pour out his spirit on you so that you become more and more able to function as he wants you to, and you have more fun doing it.

Nothing that the world or the enemy throws at you sticks, and you show the world how wonderful Jesus is as you serve up his love for people no matter how high the heat of the pressures of life is.