Saturate testimonies

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Pastor Anthony, just back from the 2019 Saturate conference at Elim Bible Institute, shared about the importance of testimonies:

  1. Always be ready to share your story
  2. Listen to other’s stories
  3. Don’t just share your conversion experience, but tell of the goodness of God since then.

Then, several of the N3C youth who participated in the conference shared their experiences.

The songs we sang in worship are in this YouTube playlist. They were:
Unstoppable God | Elevation Worship

See A Victory | Elevation Worship
God of All My Days | Casting Crowns
Defender | Rita Springer
Do It Again | Elevation Worship

Serving God well

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Pastor Anthony Palandro says three keys to being effective servants of God are do it to bring glory to God (not to make yourself look better), train yourself for godliness (because storms will come and you need to be prepared), and don’t give up (because nothing you do for the Lord is useless or wasted).

Songs we sang in worship can be heard on this YouTube playlist.

Welcome, Pastor Anthony Palandro

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Anthony Palandro, N3C’s new associate pastor, shares his first message with us on back-to-school Sunday. In it, he uses three main points with the hope that the youth in the body will be encouraged to know they can be the difference-maker for their generation.

First is “you are enough.” Even if you feel inferior or depressed or afraid, you have everything you need in knowing Christ.

Second is “you are planted where God wants you to be.” God created you in his image, he knows everything about your character, and he has a plan for you.

Finally, surround yourself with the right people: Christians, people who are going to have your back.

Follow this YouTube link for the songs we sang in worship.