Jesus’ invitation

Jesus has an invitation to us, in Matthew 11:28-30, for all who are tired or burdened. Amy Minnich shares that it contains a lot of action words, where we need to participate with the Lord:

  • Come … to Jesus. Often we just want to chill out when we are tired and loaded down, but we need to come to him.
  • Acknowledge … we need to acknowledge our need, that we can’t handle it by ourselves.
  • Receive … unless we actively receive his rest and peace, it won’t happen.
  • Take (my yoke) … we have to connect with Jesus.
  • Learn … from Jesus, who is humble and gentle in heart.

We sang the songs on this YouTube playlist in worship.

Balanced and healthy living

The Emotionally Healthy Spiritually (EHS) course is starting again next month and Amy shared how this course isn’t just information, but it is an invitation to a transformative process. Using EHS as a springboard to her message, she helps us to see that we need to be fully engaged with ALL of our spirit, soul, mind and strength. Using a car analogy, Amy gave very practical information on how to live a healthy and balanced life. This message challenges us to attend to our “flat tires” and to respond right away to the warning signs when something is out of balance.

Our songs of worship are on this YouTube playlist.