Who is my neighbor

It is impossible to separate loving God with loving others, which is the two greatest commandments and the premise of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) Course. Today’s message incorporates several personal testimonies from the most recent EHS Course with the familiar “Parable of the Good Samaritan,” found in Luke 10. Amy will approach this parable from two vantage points: how we can love others while remaining emotionally healthy and how Jesus used this parable to cross cultural, religious, and racial barriers.  

Just the message …

If you have youngsters in your household, follow this link to check out this week’s lesson on the Fruuit of the Spirit, which is Kindness.

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Jesus is calling us to action

Jesus has a five-part invitation to us, in Matthew 11:28-30, to action which will lift us up in this time of stress. Amy Minnich amplifies a message she shared March 15 enumerating where we need to participate with the Lord:

  • Come … to Jesus. Often we just want to chill out when we are tired and loaded down, but we need to come to him.
  • Acknowledge … we need to acknowledge our need, that we can’t handle it by ourselves.
  • Receive … unless we actively receive his rest and peace, it won’t happen.
  • Take (my yoke) … we have to connect with Jesus.
  • Learn … from Jesus, who is humble and gentle in heart.

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If you have youngsters in the house, follow this link for a new feature here on the N3C website is a Kids’ Church lesson on the fruit of the spirit.