Together to get there — 3

The Fruit of the Spirit is directly related to how we walk with one another. Each aspect of the fruit is to help us relate to one another and love each other the same way Christ loves us. Message delivered 7/16/17.

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Together to get there – 2

Why is it important for us, the Church, to spend time together? Pastor John says that whether it is for service, for worship, or just hanging out, we need to be together because God designed us that way. Message delivered 7/9/17.

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Together to get there

Pastor John, on his first Sunday back from a three-month sabbatical leave, shared some of his experiences his family had during their seven weeks in Italy, but mostly began to lay the foundation for a teaching emphasis he is calling “Together to get there” … the importance of our being together as a church in fellowship as well as in service. Message delivered 7/2/17.


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Keys to living with courage

Guest speaker Joe Janssen, director of U.S. ministries for Elim Fellowship, teaches about how to live with courage, using the example of Caleb.  The essentials to remember about courage, he said, are:

  • It is the spark plug if faith.
  • Don’t let your past hold your present or your future hostage.
  • Live in an atmosphere of praise.
  • Courageous people change the culture (through service and love). Don’t let the culture change them.
  • Courageous people honor the word of God by how they apply it. Also memorize it to let God’s word change their minds.
  • Never give up.

Message delivered 6/18/17.

Here’s a YouTube play list of the songs we sang in worship.

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Walking in God’s abundant life

Kevin Harvey shares how God promises us his abundant life, with purpose and things to do. But the real beauty of a life, he says, comes when we simply sit at his feet, because we were created, ultimately, to be in fellowship with God. Message delivered 6/11/17.


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Joy in the journey

Did you ever struggle with having JOY in the journey? This message will challenge your beliefs about what joy is and how you can get it. Joy doesn’t come from external things but only by being in God’s presence. And yes, it’s possible to go through trials and tribulations, while experiencing joy in the journey!!  Amy Minnich explains … Message delivered 6/4/17.


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Plan “A” all the way

Amy Minnich helps us to see the difference between living Plan A (God’s Way) and Plan B (Living our own way). She compares living a life of legalism with life in the Spirit. Her message encourages us to not just be Christians, but true Christ-followers. Plan A is living life in constant pursuit of Jesus and receiving everything He has for us, which allows us to live in freedom and experience the abundant life.


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Mothers Day

Dr. Johanna Phelan, a pediatrician who with her husband Ed and children Eduardo and Matteo recently moved from the N3C area to Harrisburg, Pa., shares a word to particularly encourage us to support and help moms of sick children. Message delivered 5/14/17.

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Saying “Yes” to God

Kevin Harvey looks at Luke 5 talking about when we say “Yes, Lord.”  How are we responding to God when He speaks to us? (Message delivered 5/7/17.)

Peter and the disciples tried in their own strength to provide for themselves—in this case, to catch fish.  God always has His own agenda for our lives-even in the mundane things we do each day.  The real test of our faith comes when everything we’ve tried fails and God tells us to do something in order to stretch our faith limits.

In the message, Kevin presses three points:

  1. God uses the common to do the uncommon.
  2. He desires to move us out of the security of the shallow to the risks of the deep.
  3. He will involve you in one thing to teach you another.


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Lift up your eyes

If you feel like it’s been one thing after another, and you’ve wondered, “when is this going to let up?” God wants to encourage you.

If you feel ‘battle weary’ from the constant fight and the ‘enemy’ has you on the run, God wants to strengthen you.

If it feels like you’ve been living under a heaviness or fog that just won’t lift- God wants to lift you out of it.

Pastor Zach Zirbel shares a word of encouragement.  Message delivered 4/30/17.


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