Humanity Too — 2

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The Sermon on the Mount is all about surrendering to God, Pastor John says. “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope,” Jesus said in Matthew 5:3. “With less of you, there is more of God and his rule.” Message shared 7/14/19.

Wendy McDermott shared this before Pastor John spoke.

Humanity Too — 1

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Pastor John opens a new teaching series on the Sermon on the Mount (related in Matthew 5) with the observation that the Sermon is so important because it is essentially Jesus’ first words of ministry. Basically, Jesus says, “This is what I want. This is who you should be. If you’re not this, you need to take a step back and take a look at who you are.” Shared 7/7/19

Little faith

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Pastor Vernon Nyangulu shares how a number of Bible passages talk about having “little faith.” The manifestation of little faith, he says, is fear. But scripture commands us “fear not” 366 times … so each day of the year we are reminded to trust God, not to fear, when we face worrisome situations. Message delivered 6/23/19.

Farewell to the Zirbels

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All good things must end, the saying goes, and for N3C on June 2 it was Zach and Natasha Zirbel saying goodbye after eight years of being part of our family. They announced a month before that they were moving to Montana to be near Natasha’s family.

Before they got a chance, in Pastor John’s words, to “explain themselves,” there was a word of prophecy given by Wendy McDermott and then some sharing about the recently completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course which was led by Amy Minnich.

The portion dedicated Zach and Natasha began with a video slideshow which is not part of this podcast because it was too large to upload, and ended with several testimonies by fellowship members. The testimonies are not part of this podcast either because they were not picked up by the microphone.

Worship was led by John Farrell and here’s a YouTube playlist of the songs he chose.


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A part of God’s plan is that he prunes us, purposefully, in different seasons so that we can become fruitful. We misunderstand pruning as punishment, that we’ve done something wrong to deserve it. But it’s the pruning that prepares us for things he wants to do in us. Message delivered 5/19/19

To follow Pastor John’s notes on, at this link.

Listen here to the music we worshipped.

Rest, refreshment and being recharged

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Mark Scorsone, youth ministry director of Elim Bible Fellowship, makes a case for observing a true Sabbath each week. Our culture, he says rewards function over relationships, success over beauty and work over freedom. As a result, we are enslaved by work, distractions and busyness. The Sabbath destroys that cycle. Message delivered 5/5/19.

Worship music for this Youth Sunday service is on this YouTube playlist.