Zach Zirbel

Be encouraged, both in blessing and in testing

Guest speaker Zach Zirbel shares that whether we are going through a really fiery trial in our life, or just the daily grind, we need encouragement. It takes courage and encouragement just to go to work every day and do a good job so you can hold your head up.

A model of how that can happen is given in 1 Samuel 30, when David and his followers found their families had been carried offby Amalekite raiders. David was distressed because his men were talking about stoning him … but David found strength in the Lord his God.

Short story even shorter, they pursued the Amalekites, destroyed them and got back all their family members and posessions.

Using other examples from scripture and his own life, Zach shares about the critical value of taking encouragement from God. Message delivered 7/14/13.