Rest into Prayer — 3

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When Jesus taught about prayer in the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor John says, it was not an example of “if you’ll say these words in just the right way you’ll get what you want.” Rather, it was an example of “this is the heart I want you to have, this is how I want you to see who your father is.” If you go into prayer in private and learn that the power in your life is out of a secret relationship with God, that’s the one where the reality of who you really are is expressed. Message delivered 1/29/17.


Rest into Prayer — 2

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Continuing his teaching series on prayer, Pastor John Young notes that in our faith lives, there are many things God wants us to do with people. But when it comes to the heart of prayer, he said, Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that God wants us to go to a place where nobody else is, shut the door behind us, and pray in private. That is because our relationship with God is not about what other people see, but it’s about what God knows is in our hearts. Message delivered 1/22/17.


Born is the King: The completion

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With the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a savior, a person might think Jesus’ birth completed it and was the end of it. But the completion of something is never just the end, Pastor John says, but also a beginning as well.  Jesus, for example, had to live his perfect life. For us, his life opens the door to new beginnings. Message delivered 12/28/15.

Born is the King: The birth

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There are three ways we can respond to God’s birthing his will, plan and purpose into the world.  One is like the Magi who were prepared eager to see it. One is like King Herod who didn’t want anything to do with it. And the last is like the shepherds who were blown away by it. Message delivered 12/21/15.

Embracing your weakness

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Jeff Parshall, with the Patmos Worship team of Elim Bible Institute, shares three keys to finding your strength in God through your hardships and weaknesses.  Those three keys are recognizing your need for a savior; recognizing that Jesus Christ is the power, not us; and recognizing that Jesus is the Lord.  Message delivered 5/25/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: The Good Shepherd

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Pastor John says sheep get a bad rap. They aren’t dumb, just needy. Very needy. So if they try to go off on their own, it almost always leads to trouble.  That’s why scripture describes us as sheep so many times. And the solution to being needy isn’t complicated, it just requires having a good shepherd, who we have in Jesus Christ.  Message delivered 5/18/14.


Here are our songs of worship for the morning:

You Are Good by Brian Johnson

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin

Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United


A day in the life of a Proverbs 31 woman

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Proverbs 31, a traditional scriptural basis for Mother’s Day sermons, is viewed by many women as an impossible-to-complete list of abilities and activities that just ends up crushing them under a mountain of perceived failure and guilt.  But Pastor John Young shares how they are a list of activities he sees being accomplished, by and large, by all the women in the church.  Message delivered 5/11/14.


Here is the music we worshiped by:

Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture

Mighty To Save by Hillsong United

10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Overcome by Jeremy Camp

You Are Lord by Hillsong

Jesus through the eyes of John 2, Pt 7: His sheep know his voice

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Pastor John Young continues his teaching series from the book of John, focusing on that apostle’s unique insight into Jesus’ character and teachings.  Message delilvered 5/4/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John 2, Pt 6: The man born blind

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Pastor John Young continues his teaching series from the book of John, focusing on that apostle’s unique insight into Jesus’ character and teachings.  In today’s message, he shows how the man born blind was healed not only of his physical condition but his spiritual one as well.  Message delilvered 4/27/14.