Lift up your eyes

If you feel like it’s been one thing after another, and you’ve wondered, “when is this going to let up?” God wants to encourage you.

If you feel ‘battle weary’ from the constant fight and the ‘enemy’ has you on the run, God wants to strengthen you.

If it feels like you’ve been living under a heaviness or fog that just won’t lift- God wants to lift you out of it.

Pastor Zach Zirbel shares a word of encouragement. Message delivered 4/30/17.

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Life-changing encounter

Amy Minnich shares her heart on how lives are changed when they encounter the reality of Jesus Christ. Message delivered 4/23/17.


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Nurturing your faith

Kevin Harvey shares that Christians’ spiritual life can be categorized in one of three ways:

  1. Quitting
  2. Camping out
  3. Climbing

He shares encouragement and principles to press into the “climbing” category. Delivered 4/9/17

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The answer to finding true peace

There’s so much stress in life today, it seems impossible to find peace. There are ways to get a little relief, Pastor Zach says, but it never lasts. But there is an answer, available to real, ordinary people, to find that peace. Jesus has the answer, the antidote: “Come to me.” Not religion, not law, but surrender to God in Christ. Message delivered 4/2/17.

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