Super hero Sunday

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On the Sunday of the weekend when children across the nation dress up as monsters, princesses and super heroes, Pastor John donned tights and a mask to reveal his secret alter ego of Super Duper Hero Man.  He then proceeded to explain how the greatest super hero of all time is Jesus.

Also during the service, Pastor Zach shared his life story and related how Jesus had brought him from darkness into the light.

Messages delivered 10/30/16.

Intersect: Walking by faith, continued

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In this segment of Pastor John Young’s series from the book of Hebrews (Intersect: Where the invisible God meets our visible lives), he drills into the issue of how living in faith requires understanding that we are part of a bigger picture.  No only are we not the center of that picture, but also we can’t see it all.  Message delivered 10/16/16.

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Intersect: Walking by faith

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It seems like the hardest part of faith in our culture in America is when we go without, when we don’t have things, when things happen to us we feel like somehow God isn’t giving us what we deserve, or God not loving or valuing us enough. We see ourselves based on our experiences. God sees you the way he created you. There are things you have not experienced yet because you keep yourself in a place where they can’t happen. Message delivered 10/9/16.

At about minute 28 in the podcast church member Andrea Concannon shares about the time in her life when she realized she needed more in her spiritual life than simply going to church.

Intersect: Obedience in faith

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Hebrews 11 deals primarily with obedience in faith.  God wants us to go beyond where we are, to experience “more”.  To some of us that means something bigger. To others a different circumstance. The more, Pastor John says, is always of the heart. It’s always experiencing God’s presence in a richer way. It’s always focused on things that are about our character. We want circumstances to be different so that life can be easier. He wants our hearts to be different so it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. Message delivered 10/2/16.