You’re a Christian? Then you are a priest

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Nick Watson, a pastor and prophetic teacher from Brisbane, Australia, visited the N3C pulpit to encourage the body in their identity as part of a royal priesthood (not just as children of God).  ”And do you know what priests do?” he asks. “They offer sacrifices…. If you want your life to count, if you want to be the person that God called you to be, these are seven sacrifices that will help you be a world changer.”

At the end of the message, he leads the congregation in a prayer for healing, with instruction on how to receive healing.

For more information about Nick, you can visit his website,

Here’s a playlist of the songs we sang in worship: “Yours will Be”, “The Lord our God”, “No Longer Slaves” and “Jesus Loves Me”.

Going back to school as God’s unique person

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Natasha and Zach Zirbel share the pulpit on the Sunday before school opens with encouraging reminders that each one of us is totally unique — nobody in the history of the world or in time to come was or will be exactly like us — so we should make every day matter.  The things that we are passionate about and give us joy are some of the things God has put in us to have an impact on others.  That gives God glory, and we get to share in it.

Here is a YouTube playlist link to the four songs we sang in worship: Overcome, Still, Here in Your Presence and At the Cross.