Intersect: where invisible and visible meet

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Pastor John opens a teaching series on the book of Hebrews, which was written to Helenistic Jews. It was not written just to share some information, but was written to help people process things and actually change the way they were thinking.  He calls series Intersect, because Jesus represents the intersection of the visible world and the Invisible God. Message delivered 4/17/16.

Discipleship Life and a lamb’s advantage

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Pastor John concludes his teaching series on Discipleship Life by saying Jesus asks us to keep in mind the reality that we’re not going in our strength. We are just to let Jesus out. Yes, he sends us out as sheep among the wolves … but he’s the shepherd, and he beats the living snot out of wolves that try to attack us. Message delivered 4/10/16.

Who are the 2016 Champions of Faith?

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Chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews is the parade of Champions of the Faith. But if the chapter were rewritten today, who would it name? Kevin Harvey says that back in the day God used who he had available. He didn’t have much to work with then, and He may not seem to have much to work with today, but if we’ll step out in faith, He will use us ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Message delivered 4/3/16.