A brand new life

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Zach Zirbel, an elder at N3C, shares a message withtwo main purposes: encouragement to believers whose joy in Christ has gotten dampened by life and time, and an invitation to those who don’t know Christ and his peace to find that peace. Message delivered 11/30/14.

Literacy and the heart of God

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Two guest speakers from One Mission Society shared Sunday, Nov. 23.

Dean Davis, international director of Every Community for Christ, whose ministry N3C has been supporting for about 20 years, shared how church multiplication efforts aim to empower ordinary people around the world to do extraordinary things, and teaching literacy is an important part of that.

The video that Dean made reference to can be viewed here: What is the Bridge to Reading?

James Kigamwa, who is raising support to become Director of Literacy for OMS, demonstrated through scripture how the ability to read goes beyond being a useful skill in the world: it is commanded in Scripture as essential for godly living.


Jesus through the eyes of John: Why unity is vital

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Pastor John concludes his teaching series on Jesus through the eyes of John by discussing the need we have for one another. We need to recognize God’s call on our lives and that it is a dynamic of being in a body, not an island. Message delivered 11/16/15.

Understanding our authority in Jesus

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What is the power in the name of Jesus? It’s not some kind of magic word. Pastor John says that it speaks to his character. Using Jesus’ name speaks to having a relationship to the power who created the world. So “in the name of Jesus” isn’t an opportunity for us to keep things the way we want them. It’s us walking in the will and presence of our heavenly father. Message delivered 11/9/14

Four R’s for a new life

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Kevin Harvey, N3C elder and South Jersey regional director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shares four simple R’s for a new life: Recognize we are sinners, Realize what Jesus did on the cross and personalize it, Repent (turn) from sin and Receive God, giving him ownership and control of your life. Message delivered 11/2/14.