Jesus through the eyes of John: The mind of Christ

Serving God is not easy but it’s simple, Pastor John says. When we move from simple it gets complicated and confusing because we are unwilling to trust and do things Jesus’ way because His way takes us placeswe don’t think we want to go. Message delivered 8/31/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: I am the way

Eyes of John Series

In John 14, the apostle quotes Jesus saying, “I am the way…” Pastor John explains how the “way” is not an earthly location, ritual or set of rules, but is a place of relationship and action. Also, Johanna Phelan, a Children’s Hospital physician, shared a testimony about how Christ’s love was able to shine through her at work. Message delivered 8/24/14.

Jesus through the eyes of John: God’s flow

Moving in the flow of the Spirit of God isn’t like tubing down the Delaware, where we have nothing to do with where the current takes us. But we can’t just stand on the banks of the river, never getting deeper than our knees and keeping complete control. Instead, we can hear from the Lord and he will lead us in the flow. It’s his flow, and we are to do things his way. Message delivered 8/10/14

Bearers of hope

Kevin Harvey, church member and elder and South Jersey regional director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shares from John 15:16, where Jesus said, “You did not choose me, but I chose you.” One of the things he has chosen us for is to bring hope to people. Message delivered 8/3/14.