Jesus through the eyes of John 2, Pt 3: Bread of Life

Pastor John Young continues his teaching series from the book of John, focusing on that apostle’s unique insight into Jesus’ character and teachings. Message delilvered 3/30/14.

LifeRise AIDS Resources

Cynthia Calla, a physician and missionary, shares about the ministry she founded, LifeRise AIDS Resources, to help fight the disease itself and also the ignorance and prejudice about it that abound. For more information on her mission, connect to her website here.  Message shared 3/16/14.

I am the vine

Zach Zirbel shares on the parable of the vine and the branches from the book of John, chapter 15, stressing that God wants us to be strong and greatly fruitful. Message delivered 3/9/2014.

Jesus through the eyes of John 2, Pt 2: Walking on water

A lesson from the incident of Jesus walking on the water is this: when storms of life come, we get all upset and call on the Lord to fix whatever is going wrong. But Jesus wasn’t bothered by storms. They didn’t rule him … instead, he ruled them. Message delivered 3/2/2014.