Transformation of your mind and life, Pt 1

Pastor John Young closes out the year by diving into Romans 12, versus 1 and 2, to examine the importance and process of letting our minds be transformed. Message delivered 12/29/2013.

Worship — Pt 7

Pastor John concludes his teaching series on worship. Message delivered 12/22/2013.

Worship — Pt 6

Pastor John continues his examination of worship, and reflects on a visit to a recreation of the Tabernacle in Lancaster, PA, likening the structure of the outer court, inner court and holy-of-holies to our bodies, our souls and our spirits. Message delivered 12/8/13.

Moses as a model for worship

Zach Zirbel takes the podium to examine Moses’ approach to his relationship with God. He started from the position of wanting to know God personally, then insisted that God be present with him and the Israelites in their journey to the promised land. As a result, God presented himself to Moses who then worshiped him. Message delivered 12/1/13