Worship — Pt 4

The Law as spelled out in Exodus and Leviticus isn’t just some old-fashioned symbolism we can safely ignore, Pastor John Young says as he continues his messages on worship.  In this message, he describes the altar of sacrifice within the Tabernacle. It is a shadow of a lot of spiritual realities, but the starkest is this: it represents the confrontation between what we want in our hearts and what God wants for us.  Message delivered 11/24/13.

Testimony of William Green

William Green, a former star player for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns who grew up in Atlantic City, shares his testimony of how big sports money, glamour, fancy cars and hard partying didn’t begin to touch the empty place in his life:  only turning from his selfish, sinful life and putting his life in the hands of Jesus Christ.  Message delivered 11/17/13.

Worship — Pt 3

Pastor John continues his series on the Ten Commandments and how they set up the heart for worship. Scripture makes clear that following the law of the commandments won’t save us, but it will help us get rid of the things that don’t belong in our lives and instead fill up with things of the Lord.  Message delivered 11/10/13,

God has a purpose for you

Joe Jansen, US ministries director for Elim Fellowship, shares the encouraging word that God always responds to the cry of human suffering … by calling on people to join him in reaching out. He sends us out to where we live, to touch the people we relate to. You think you’re unqualified? That’s not a problem, because when you go, God will go with you. Message delivered 11/3/13.