Worship — Pt 2

An important aspect of worship is to know who it is you’re worshiping, and the character of the one you worship. Pastor John Young examines the Ten Commandments as a guide to worship. Message delivered 10/27/13.

Worship — Pt 1

Pastor John Young launched a teaching series on worship after a two-part series on the life of Joseph, who seemed to spend much of his life in miserable circumstances that ended up being exactly the right place to do God’s will. So, from that perspective, he says a significant expression of worship is when we allow God to work in us and not give up. Message delivered 10/20/13.

Run, run and keep running!

Starting with a video clip from the movie Forest Gump in which the young boy in braces learns to run and escapes his tormentors, Lisa Waldman shares about the scriptural aspects of running a race. Life is a marathon, she says, and not a sprint. Sometimes the running is easy, but often it is terribly difficult. You need to be encouraged, you need to be intentional, and you need to be focused on Jesus, who will empower you to run the race before you. Message delivered 10/13/13.

In the middle — Pt 2

Pastor John concludes his two-part series on the life of Joseph with the exhortation that life is short, so we need to trust that god is working in each of the moments that as we find ourselves in each day, preparing us for what is to come. The main lesson of Joseph’s life was that while he went through some very difficult times, which he didn’t deserve, they prepared him for fulfilling God’s purpose in his life. Message delivered 10/6/13.