Culture and creation, Pt 6

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The story of Jacob, from the book of Genesis, provides an illustration of how most people tend to operate in this culture and of how we can follow the plan God created. Jacob, whose name literally means “deceiver” or “grasper”, goes through a series of experiences of deceiving others and being deceived. But he ends up wrestling with “a man” who turns out to be the pre-incarnate Christ. He can’t win the fight, but he doesn’t give up, either, and is renamed Israel (literally “God will prevail”). In that experience he goes from one who pushes his way through life to one who hangs onto God. Message delivered 8/25/13.

Also during the worship service, there were testimonies from Rick Schwein and Patti Lloret (in which she sings the song “Treasure”) reflecting on their participation in the “Not a Fan” study.
130825-Not a Fan testimonies

Another testimony during the service was from Ron Carter, sharing an insight that God gave him recently. 130825-Ron Carter testimony

Culture and creation, Pt 5

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Pastor John Young continues to examine and contrast where culture is today with how God intended it as expressed in the Bible. He says it is obvious that the philosophies of life today are headed in a certain direction and they are starkly different from what scripture says. Message delivered 8/18/13.

Culture and creation, Pt 4

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As Pastor John examines the battle ground between what our culture has become and what God intended when he created us, he examines the fruit of the Spirit. He defines that fruit as the work of God in our hearts to enable us to live out what we believe. Message delivered 8/11/13.

Culture and creation, Pt 3

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This is a series exploring the battle ground of God’s creation versus our culture, and things that develop over time that challenge what scripture says about life. He has placed us in the middle and called us to be his witnesses to the world around us. Pastor John explores the topic of sexuality, contrasting what the world and the church have to say about it, and what Jesus has to say. Message delivered 8/4/13.