Culture and creation, Pt 1

Pastor John Young launches what he calls a journey, an investigation, into how our culture impacts us, who God is in the middle of it all, and what it means for us as Christ-followers. The World does not know where it is going: after all, it is fallen. So when we look to our culture to decide what is right and what is true, we are headed for trouble. Message delivered 6/30/13.

The key to living in Faith, Pts 13, 14, 15

Pastor John Young completes his teaching series on the dynamics of living lives of faith. The key is our identity, he says. If we don’t know who we are in Christ, we are reduced to trying to define ourselves by what we do or how we look or what we own. Messages delivered 5/19, 5/26 and 6/23

Our spiritual DNA

John Megaw, founding pastor of N3C, takes the pulpit on Fathers Day 2013 to share about the spiritual DNA of our congregation. Message delivered 6/16/2013.

Identity: The key to faith, Pts 11, 12

As pastor John Young draws near the end of his teaching series on Faith, he examines the critical importance of our identity in what we really believe. Messages delivered 5/19/13 and 5/26/13.

God is the journey, not the goal

Guest speaker Peter Donato, part of the Patmost worship team from Elim Bible Institute, shares about the prophet Elijah to illustrate how the most important part of our journey with God is … the journey. Message delivered 6/2/13.