The Gift of Love

Christmas is a time to celebrate the greatest gift, the gift of love through Jesus. Assistant Pastor, Amy Minnich, reminds us of three simple words “God is love.” She shares the characteristics of God’s love and how immeasurable and incomprehensible it is. Be encouraged through this message that God loves you, just because you’re YOU.

Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 12

The account in John 11 of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead illustrates something we often do: we know the right words to say, but don’t really expect God to change the situations we are in. Message delivered 12/11/11.

An astonishing revelation to someone “not worthy”

Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman blows away every religious connotation of God’s judgment. He starts out by making an amazing revelation of the change of worship to the heart, to the relationship between God and the people he created. Then, in the only time outiside the Upper Room the night before his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus plainly says, “I am the messiah” to a person who in the world’s eyes is ultimately worthless. What’s that mean? Life is about allowing God to do in you what he wants. Message delivered 12/4/11.