Our steps are ordered

God has plans for our lives that can only be fulfilled when we put our lives totally in His hands. Message delivered 11/27/11.

The Love of God

How wide, how deep, how broad is the love of God? A million times stronger than we can begin to imagine, Zach Zirbel shares. Message delivered 11/13/11.


Kevin Harvey, South Jersey director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shares on the importance and the benefits of having thankful hearts and of being aware of who God is. Message delivered 11/20/11.

Rescue Mission

The word “rescue” has been on the heart and mind of Assistant Pastor Amy Minnich lately, so she uses two clips from the movie Titanic to illustrate both how some people are spiritually drowning and some principles we need to keep in mind when we see others who are “drowning”. Message delivered 11/6/11.