Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 10

Pastor John Young continues his series on the life and ministry of Jesus as observed by the disciple John. Message delivered 7/31/11.

How NOT to be a Missionary

God accomplished mighty things through Jonah … but Jonah didn’t always have the right heart or attitude.God isalways concerned about LOST people and uses us in and our weaknesses to share His message of hope. Since we all are called to be missionaries, Assistant pastor Amy Minnich examines the book of Jonah to learn from what he did right and wrong.Message delivered 7/24/2011.

Needing God’s perspective to really see

Josh Brady, co-directory of youth ministries at Urban Promise of Camden, NJ, shares on the necessity of letting God change our perspective, which is rooted in what we really believe, to be characterized by grace. Message delivered 7/17/11.