Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 9

Pastor John Young continues his series on the life and ministry of Jesus as observed by the Disciple John. Message delivered 6/26/11.

It’s never too late

If the enemy can infect the way a dad/husband/man thinks, that will negatively influence those in his life. The good news is that it’s never too late: God can change things. Message delivered 6/19/11.

A Godly Response to Suffering

Assistant Pastor Amy Minnich examines the four causes of suffering and how to respond to them in a Godly way. Ultimately, she says, we can’t control suffering, but we certainly can control our response to it. God wants to comfort us, not make us comfortable.  Message delivered 6/12/11.

Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 8

The encounter between Jewish leader Nicodemus and Jesus, related in John 3, reveals the new rules of the New Covenant: that the Kingdom of God isn’t rules, culture or birthright, but trusting God every day to let Him lead us. Message delivered 6/5/11.