Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 7

One of the most familiar exchanges in the Bible comes in John 3 when Nichodemus meets Jesus and is told he must be born again to see the Kingdom of God. As Pastor John Young explores what that means, he says it points to the division between natural life and spiritual life, and the fact that we must choose the spiritual each day to effectively operate in God’s kingdom. Message delivered 5/29/2011.

Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 6

What does the Gospel of John account of Jesus clearing the temple (starting at 2:13) tell us? Jesus had been going there for Passover all his life, but this time it WAS time for him to clean house. Just as, for us, it is time to take a rope clear the junk out of our lives. Message delivered 5/22/11.

Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 5

The story of the Wedding at Cana is one of the most familiar in the Bible. In our mind it can turn into some kind of PBS play with Shakespearian actors. But it involved real people … clueless new disciples, a mother who didn’t hesitate to speak with command, and Jesus who was just launching his ministry. As Jesus said, it wasn’t his time yet, but he took the opportunity to demonstrate that he was about to turn the conventional world upside down. Message delivered 5/15/11.

Bible women = Empowered women

Studying the Bible, both Old Testament and New, there’s nothing that limits women. To the contrary, it empowers them. The Bible is filled with the stories of women whose roles and actions changed history. Message delivered on Mothers Day, 5/8/11.

Jesus through the eyes of John, Pt 4

The baptism of John was for repentance and remission of sins. So why did Jesus, who was without sin, insist on being baptized by John (a sinner)? Message delivered 5/1/2011.