Destiny to decision

Is life just a seething cauldron of random possibilities, or is there an answer to why you are here? The good news is that a number of Bible scriptures say you have a destiny! Tom Brazell, former pastor of N3C and now Director of Missions for Elim Fellowship, shares his perspective on finding your destiny, on the deceptions and distractions that can keep you from achieving it, and the need for making a decision to follow it. Message delivered 2/27/2011.

Lessons from Gideon

Amy, N3C’s Associate/Youth Pastor, shares with us some very important lessons from the life of Gideon(Judges 6, 7, 8). She talks about 7 things that hinder us from fulfilling God’s call for our lives: Idealism, Identity, Insecurity, Independent Spirits, Isolation, Investment and Idolatry.

Spirit, Soul and Body

What is your soul? What is your spirit? Are they the same? John Rupp, an elder of N3C, describes how soul and spirit are different. At the most basic level, the soul is your means to know the world, while your spirit is your means to know God. John’s understanding is heavily influenced by the teaching of Andrew Wommac. Message delivered 3/13/11.

Spiritual Gifts — Part 2

Pastor John concludes his brief overview of the importance of spiritual gifts in the lives of Christians. Message delivered 3/6/2011.