Psalm 23 — Part 5

??Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil… One of the things that means is that while God knows the bad decisions you’ve made and he knows the bad decisions you are going to make, but it doesn’t keep Him from accomplishing His will in your life. Message delivered 11/28/2010.

The importance of giving thanks

Paul admonished the Ephesians (and us) to be thankful no matter the circumstances.

How can that be? The depth of your thankgiving is related to the depth of your trust. Because when you really believe God is working, even when it doesn’t seem as if He is, you can be thankful. That’s important, because thankfulness cultivates your heart to receive from God spiritual blessings that don’t just impact things today, but go way beyond it into the life He has called you to live. Message delivered 11/21/2010

Psalm 23 — Part 4

One of the great benefits of buying into the relationship that David lays out in Psalm 23 is that, as we let the Shepherd take charge, he guides us in the course of actions we need to take to make proper decisions. Message delivered 11/14/2010.

Faith to Believe the Impossible

God wants to do the impossible in our lives because He is a miracle-working God! The key to moving forward beyond mediocrity is to increase our faith. Amy shares some insight on how we can move into the next arena of faith and encourages us with people from the Bible who have gone before us in this faith journey. Faith will launch us into the impossible!