Psalm 23 – Part 3

If we recognize the Lord as our shepherd, with all that implies about who we are and who He is, what’s the ultimate result? He will restore your soul. Are you stressed? Attacked? Hungry? Tired? He will restore your soul. Message delivered 10/31/2010.

Psalm 23 – Part 2

In week 1, Pastor John talked about our identify as sheep and what that implies. This week, he looks at the phrase, “I shall not be in want.” When we think about following God and doing his will, we can’t help but feel inadequate … because we are! But the good news is that God really does provide what we need. Message delivered 10/24/2010.

Psalm 23 — The Lord is my shepherd

Psalm 23 is one of the most well known passages in the bible. However it was written from a practical standpoint about the relationship between a Shepherd and His sheep. For the Lord to be our shepherd, we have to recognize our position as … His sheep. Message delivered 10/1/2010

Burundi Report – Part 2

Pastor John Young and Connie Schwein share their experiences during their recent trip to Burundi in Sub-Saharan Africa to launch the Africa Literacy Project. The accompanying PDF includes the pictures described during their presentation. Delivered 10/10/2010.

Be blessed, but also be a blessing

Dean Davis, international director of the Every Community for Christ program of One Mission Society International, delivers a message of encouragement and hope that we can be and need to be not just blessed by God, but to be blessings to the world. Message delivered 10/3/2010.

Burundi report — Part 1

Connie Schwein gives a brief report on her trip with Pastor John Young and Bev Warner to teach trainers for the launch of the Africa Literacy Project in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She also introduces the main speaker for the morning, her brother Dean Davis, who is international director of the Every Community for Christ program of One Mission Society International. Delivered 10/3/2010.