Finish the Race

Amy Minnich draws on her experiences riding in the MS150 Bike-a-thon to identify things that can keep us from finishing life’s race. Message delivered 9/26/10.


When we submit ourselves to God’s priorities and really give ourselves to them, it’s amazing the things He can do in our lives. Message delivered 9/19/10.

Risk and Relationships

Amy Minnich uses her skydiving experience to illustrate taking risks in relationship. We will finally risk in relationship when our need for connection is greater than the possible bad outcomes. Just as Jesus built a network of people around Him, we are urged to follow His example. Delivered 9/12/2010.

Romans – Rated M for Mature – Conclusion

Message delivered 9/12/2010.

Romans – Rated M for Mature, Pt 22

Message delivered 9/5/2010.