Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 8

When do we need grace? When we’re in a comfortable place, we don’t need it at all. But if we walk into the things God has called us to, we’re at the place of relying on Him … and need His grace then. Message delivered 4/25/2010.

Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 7

What’s the point of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and their eating forbidden fruit? Our battle with sin isn’t so much about doing bad things as it is about living without reference to God, and then believing that we are beyond help or hope. Not believing that the power of God, which raised Jesus from the dead, can raise us from our situation: that is the essence of sin. Message delivered 4/17/2010.

Project Restoration

Amy Minnich, our new associate pastor, observes that at times our lives can be reduced to what we think is a pile of rubbish and ash, utterly worthless and hopeless. But God, who wants us whole, calls us to rebuild, repair and restore broken relationships and situations. Message delivered 4/11/2010.

Redemption – Easter message

On Easter we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection and our redemption. But does that really have any meaning outside a religious context? Yes: It reminds us how we are redeemed from our past of things done to us (and that we have done), and from ways of thinking that keep us prisoner to our feelings. Also in this podcast are several testimonies of church members, and special music by James Gee from Nashville, Tenn. Message delivered 4/4/2010.