Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 6

In Romans 4, Paul talks about Abraham’s faith, which was born out of a real relationship with God (and not out of some expectation of goods received for services rendered). In that faith, Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, designed and built by God. So, when Jesus was riding the donkey colt toward Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he wept knowing that the people in that city didn’t have a clue that their true king really there. Message delivered 3/28/10.

Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 5

In Romans 3 and 4, Paul examines the differences and importance of faith and law. The bottom line? Approval doesn’t come from behavior, but from the faith that motivates the behavior. Message delivered 3/21/10.

Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 4

In the Parable of the Talents, the servant who buried what his master had given him faced harsh judgment. We, too, are often tempted to just keep what God has given us and not trust that He will bless our effort if we step out and do what he’s asked us to do. There’s nothing to suggest that God honors our desire to play it safe. Rather, He considers it a crime for us not to step out and invest what he’s given us. Message delivered 3/14/10.

Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 3

Romans is Paul’s presentation, from beginning to end, of the reality of Christ and how He works in our hearts. Paul presents and explains how God’s power and righteousness interface with the weakness and sin of the world. Message presented 3/7/10.