Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 2

Maturing as Christians is not just a matter of going through things that are difficult. Rather, it is more a matter of receiving and embracing ideas and character attributes that we don’t necessarily want, but we know are right. Message delivered 2/28/10.

Romans – Rated M for mature, Pt 1

The book of Romans challenges us to mature as Christians. Being a Christian for a long time doesn’t guarantee maturity. The book goes a long way in setting the foundation for maturity, which is necessary to be able to really embrace God through difficult times. Message delivered 2/21/10.

Valentine from God — Be Mine!

God doesn’t isn’t coy about his love for us. He doesn’t sit sulking in his room waiting for us to get our act together and pursue him. Instead, he has a simple message for us: “Be mine!” — Message delivered 2/14/2010.