Uncommon adventures – Pt 8

The Thanksgiving message comes from Acts 5 and the story of Ananias ans Sapphira, who did NOT have thankful hearts. They didn’t think they had “enough” and so lied to God. But the apostles had a perspective that went beyond their circumstances for God using their life. And through their obedience, no matter what happened, because of their obedience they were able to be thankful. Message delivered 11/22/09.

Uncommon adventures — Pt 7

It’s not easy to put ourselves into a position where we are vulnerable about our faith. But we are called to put ourselves in a position where God can be strong on our behalf. Acts 4 tells about Peter and John before the Jewish elders after healing the crippled man in the temple court. Luke makes it very clear that their boldness was a result of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Message delivered 11/15/09.

Uncommon adventures by common people-6

Most of the things God is calling us to are things we’ve never done, so we can’t evaluate whether we want to trust God based on our experience. What marked the people in the Book of Acts was their willingness to let the Holy Spirit lead and empower them to do what God was calling them to. Message delivered 11/8/09.

Uncommon adventures by common people-5

What’s important about being baptized in the Holy Spirit? Not speaking in unknown tongues! It’s about personal character defined by love and power. Message delivered 11/1/09.