Uncommon adventures by common people-4

The previous messages in this series explored how it was the ministry of the Holy Spirit that turned ordinary people into the heroes of the Book of Acts. When it comes to the Holy Spirit, the church has sometimes been guilty of trying to make God more real than He is. And as a reaction, some of of the church has been afraid of letting Him work. But the Holy Spirit is practical, not goofy. Message delivered 10/25/09.

Uncommon adventures by common people-3

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is at the heart of the adventures described in the Acts of the Apostles. But who is the Holy Spirit, and what is His purpose? A lot of times the things we apply as “spirit-led living” have absolutely nothing to do with what He really does in our hearts and the character that we are supposed to have. Message delivered 10/18/09.

Uncommon adventures by common people-2

The Acts of the Apostles reveals the life of the Holy Spirit in everyday life. In it we see 30-some years in however many pages, and often we think that’s what they did every day … woke up and did miracles. But if we will let the Holy Spirit minister in our lives to empower us to do things for Him, rather than expect Him to just give us stuff or make us feel good, we will make a difference in our world. Message delivered 10/11/09.

Uncommon adventures by common people-1

Who were the people in the book of Acts? What were they all about? Often we look at them and think they’re different from us, that somehow God’s call on them was more important than on us. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we’ll examine in this message series called “Uncommon adventures for common men and women.” Part 1 delivered 10/4/09.